Phil Daro


Phil Daro served on the writing team of the mathematics Common Core State Standards. He continues to work on implementation and policy issues related to the Common Core. He is the lead designer, mathematics, for the pad based Common Core System of Courses developed by Pearson Education. He also works in a partnership of the University of California, Stanford and others with the Oakland and San Francisco Unified School Districts for the Strategic Education Research Partnership (SERP), with a focus on mathematics and science learning.

Previously, Daro was a Senior Fellow for Mathematics for America's Choice, the executive director of the Public Forum on School Accountability, directed the New Standards Project, and managed research and development for the National Center on Education and the Economy. Daro has directed large-scale teacher professional development programs for the University of California, including the California Mathematics Project and the American Mathematics Project.

Presentation Title:

Pads in the Classroom: Thinking in Public

Presentation Description:

Outside schools, pads are used for many purposes: communication, browsing, entertainment, and productivity top the list. Inside schools these four purposes make school people uncomfortable because they are all user driven; that is, the students are driving the bus. How can we put pads in the hands of students for these four purposes and equip teachers to lead instruction? The Pearson System of Courses, based on the Common Core are designed to equip students and teachers for work in socially interactive classrooms where the thinking produced by students is the center of attention. What have we learned from use of the first versions of these pad based courses?