Download Conference Presentations:

Loretta Asay, Clarke County Schools, Nevada
Technology to Support Mathematics Instruction: Examples from the Real World

Jeffrey Choppin, University of Rochester
A Typology for Analyzing Digital Curricula in Mathematics Education

Jere Confrey, North Carolina State University
Building Digital Curriculum for Students' Productive Struggle Using Challenges, Tools and Interactivity

Phil Daro, Pearson and SERP (Strategic Education Research Partnership)
Pads in the Classroom: Thinking in Public

Chad Dorsey, Concord Consortium, Massachusetts
Deeply Digital STEM Learning

A.J. Edson, Michigan State University
A Design Experiment of a Deeply Digital Instructional Unit and Its Impact in High School Classrooms

Josephus (John) Johnson, Battle High School, Columbia, Missouri
We Opened a New School and Gave Everyone iPads...We are so Much Smarter Now.

Jean-Marie Laborde, Cabri and University of Grenoble, France
Technology Enhanced Teaching/Learning at a New Level with Dynamic Mathematics as Implemented in the New Cabri.

Brian Lemmen, Holland Christian High School, Michigan
Deeply Digital Curriculum for Deeply Digital Students

Hee-chan Lew, Korean National University of Education
Developing and Applying "Smart" Mathematics Textbooks: Issues and Challenges

Valerie Mills, Oakland Schools, Michigan
Connections and Distinctions among Today's Digital Innovations and Yesterday's Innovative Curricula

David Moursund, University of Oregon and Information Age Education
Mathematics Education is at a Major Turning Point

Mogens Niss, Röskilde University, Denmark
Mathematics Standards and Curricula - Different Notions, Different Meanings, Different Roles in Different Parts of the World under the Influence of Digital Affordances

Janine Remillard, University of Pennsylvania
Keeping an Eye on the Teacher in the Digital Curriculum Race

Kenneth Ruthven, University of Cambridge, England
The Re-sourcing Movement in Mathematics Teaching: Some European Initiatives

Nathalie Sinclair, Simon Fraser University, Canada
New Starting Points for Number Sense Using TouchCounts

Kaye Stacey, University of Melbourne, Australia
Mathematics Curriculum, Assessment and Teaching for Living in the Digital World

Michal Yerushalmy, University of Haifa, Israel
Inquiry Curriculum, Textbooks & Assessment: Technological Changes that Challenge the Representation of School Mathematics