Hee-chan Lew


Hee-chan Lew has been a professor of Department of Mathematics Education of Korea National University of Education since 1991. He was a researcher and a research fellow of the Korea Educational Development Institute, the President for the Korea Society of Educational Studies in Mathematics, a member of International Committee of the IGPME Education, a member of the International Program Committee and a co-chair of the Local Organizing Committee for ICME-12 and now he is a member of International Program Committee for ICME-13 to be held in 2016 in Hamburg, Germany. He has directed projects in mathematics education on computer technology, teaching methods, evaluation, and textbook development funded by the Korea Research Foundation and Ministry of Education. He is the author or co-author of Korean elementary and high school mathematics textbooks, 20 research reports and more than 100 articles.

Presentation Title:

Developing and Applying "Smart" Mathematics Textbooks: Issues and Challenges

Presentation Description:

This talk will introduce issues and challenges on the way to develop digital mathematics textbook for Korean 7th grade students and to apply it to their classrooms well-equipped with tablet PCs. It will be developed based on story telling as an instructional design and using Cabri LM as an authoring tool. This talk will show various textbook design skills for reflecting the essence of mathematics education as operation. And, this talk will look out upon the whole process of lesson study with the textbooks to provide concrete pictures in classroom management of two high school mathematics teachers in terms of the various aspects of interaction with students. Finally this talk will feature more efficient teaching method with the textbook to help mathematics teachers to move toward more practical use of digital textbooks and tablet PCs without emotional or physical barriers in mathematics classrooms.