A. J. Edson


Alden J. Edson is presently a postdoctoral research associate with the Connected Mathematics Project at Michigan State University. He has been a doctoral fellow in the Center for the Study of Mathematics Curriculum and a research assistant in the Core-Plus Mathematics Project and in the Transition to College Mathematics and Statistics Project. He recently received his Ph.D. in mathematics education in 2014 from Western Michigan University. His dissertation was titled, A Deeply Digital Instructional Unit on Binomial Distributions and Statistical Inference: A Design Experiment. His research interests are in secondary school mathematics curriculum design and development, and in efficacy studies focusing on innovative digital instructional materials, with special attention to probability and statistics.

Presentation Title:

A Design Experiment of a Deeply Digital Instructional Unit and Its Impact in High School Classrooms

Presentation Description:

Flexible digital instructional resources offer a promising direction for replacing print curriculum materials in school mathematics. Research design and development work on innovative digital resources with features that capitalize on continuing advancements in technology is needed. To this end, a design experiment was conducted to design, iteratively develop, test, and evaluate a deeply digital version of an instructional unit focusing on binomial distributions and statistical inference. Results from classroom observations and digital artifacts, student and teacher interviews, and student surveys and assessments describe how students in a fourth-year high school mathematics course engage with problem contexts designed to leverage the affordances of a deeply digital learning environment. Changes in the role of the teacher are also identified.