Loretta D. Asay


Dr. Asay serves as the Instructional Technology and Innovative Projects Coordinator, within the K-12 Mathematics and Instructional Technology Department of Clark County School District, Las Vegas, Nevada. Her responsibility is to increase the appropriate use of technology in classrooms to support student learning. This involves managing several projects, such as the "e3 1:1 Project" which provides devices for over 15,000 students, 24X7, and including a robust professional development program. Her staff works closely with all departments providing professional development and grants for schools, helping them model appropriate technology use in all content areas.

Dr. Asay earned a PhD from University of Nevada, Las Vegas, in Educational Psychology. Research interests include learning theory and the importance of background knowledge, especially looking at how technological tools can support that.

Presentation Title:

Technology to Support Mathematics Instruction: Examples from the Real World

Presentation Description:

In Clark County School District, we have several projects that are helping our teachers understand how to better use technology tools for mathematics instruction. I will showcase three projects: 1) mathematics teachers in 1:1 schools flipping instruction; 2) mathematics lab in which content is delivered digitally under the direction of teachers; and 3) Bringing Learning and Standards Together (BLAST) project which provides just-in-time, online professional development for mathematics teachers.